March 15, 2011

Have You Found Any Pearls in Your Oysters Lately

Still knitting and psyching myself up to sew. I don't know why I get so gun shy every time I start a new project. It is kind of the feeling I used to get before having to write a paper for school. I would gather all the information, read the books, take notes, know in my mind what I wanted to write, but then wait till push came to shove to get around to writing it. I need deadlines. What was it Peter said about us finishing this project? Oh never mind. I don't want to know.

In my defense, I have been distracted, what with a new job and my brother's situation in Japan...let's just give this sassy gal a break.

Speaking of my brother...Last night we were able to Skype with both him, his wife and their cat Romeo. Living in my vintage world, this was one aspect of technology that both amazed me and made me happy, happy, happy..It was right out of a Jetson episode. To see their faces and laugh with them was just heartwarming. At one point later in the night, I called my sister to tell her I had just been on the phone with Tim, little did I know that although there was no video, we were still connected to my brother and he could hear EVERYTHING we were saying. We all got a big laugh out of it. We made a date to do it again tonight, but now he again has no WiFi (and no bagel shop playing 60's music to go to) so I guess it is wonderful that we did it last night. He lives only 7-8 miles from some of the worst devastation and feels very blessed to be physically unscathed as well as their home still standing.

My mother told me that their house has special cabinets that can detect an earthquake and lock the doors so they stay closed and nothing falls out or gets broken. Amazing huh? One of his wife's sisters has still not been heard from. She lives in an area that saw extreme devastation, but they are holding hope that she is inside a school and has no way of reaching them.

So to further distract and soothe me during this time, I watched a Rita Hayworth movie yesterday called "Cover Girl". I guess I am not the first one to use this film as a distraction!
Cover Girl was just the kind of escapist film America wanted in the midst of World War II. It made people forget their troubles for the afternoon. It's full of lighthearted songs, plenty of dancing, and in Technicolor! It's one of the musicals that made Rita one of the most popular pin-up girls of World War II. But although she was a dream girl to millions of GI's, during production of Cover Girl, Rita married the "genius of the Mercury Theater", Orson Welles.

She married Orson Welles? Oh tell me that did not last. 

Just between you, me and a few other bloggers, can I admit a couple of things? First off, I feel a crush coming gorgeous is this women....and the way she floats around in all of that chiffon. Chiffon is my very favorite fabric. If I had my druthers, I would float around in in 24/7. Day and night you would see me gathering it up and sweeping around rooms like a breath of fresh air. Yup. True. I may take it off once in awhile to say clean or cook, but that is the only time....okay maybe just maybe I would throw a little silk satin in for good measure.

And while I am baring my soul, can I tell you this? That if a magic Genie came down and offered me three wishes, one of them would be to recreate this exact scene from the movie staring, well you guessed it, me. Look how she floats down that ramp with chiffon swirling all around her. I just can't even begin to explain how happy it would make me. I need 'the great Noel Wheaton' in my life to bring this to reality.

Sadly gone are the days of musicals like this.

The costuming is fabulous and they ARE wearing costumes. I do declare that women in 1944 did not dress that way for the most part in real life. Eve Arden's costumes are the most outrageous and I just adore them. A girl could really make a statement back then. On a side note..or is just me,  id actors back then say the word 'girl' with a weird accent? It comes out as 'gerl' or something like that. I have noticed it quite often in movies from the 1940's and 50's. Anyone care to explain?

Well that's it for today. Debbie..I have wound my bobin and you know how long it takes me to do that...but good progress always comes soon afterwards.

Enjoy this dance number below and think of me as she floats down that ramp.


  1. Thanks for the wonderful escape into the gorgeous fashion of vintage cover girls and Eve Arden. Sigh!

  2. I meant to say Rita Hayworth...


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