March 31, 2011

I'll Be Seeing You Karen

Today would have been one of my best friends 52nd birthday. We were friends from the time we were 4 years old until her death almost 6 years ago. This is the story of an amazing sign she sent to me after her death.

Our two families vacationed in Florida together when we were 5 years old. 
We are in the front row here. 10 kids in total.
Cheerleaders together for 5 years. We were in the band together as well.
Girls night out in 1980
A close up the same night
20th High School Reunion. Three Karen's and one Lisa
This is the last photo we had taken together. It was her sister's wedding.
She gave me the photo in a picture frame that said 'Best Friends' The frame kept breaking apart and about 3 years after her passing I finally decided to change the frame. It was only then that I saw that she had written something on the back of the photo. I cried a bucketful of tears that day.

Hearts are one of the ways she speaks to us from the other side. They appear in random ways and we always know it is her. The other day while picking up after my frenzy of sewing the Rose Print Dress. I noticed this on the floor. A heart formed from a piece of thread. This is a clear sign from her sending her love to me.

 My niece Alanna singing a beautiful rendition of I'll Be Seeing You. Enjoy!!!


  1. Oh my gosh, this gives me chills. You were very blessed to have shared this wonderful friendship.

  2. Dear One,
    How beautiful you are. You gave me a gift today. The song that your lovely niece singing acapella was a song my step father and I would sing to one another and was sung at his funeral which was on April 16 (that was my grandmothers birthday as well) both gone. So like the photo, and the thread heart your sharing this blessed my heart. Truly you are a rare and lovely person and friend.
    Elise ox


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