April 1, 2011

I Love the Color. I Love It. Thanks!

These were the words uttered by hubby and then followed by a kiss after modeling the MPB shirt for me and you. It all seems somewhat anti-climatic after the months of living with it, but I am really, really pleased. And as I have said before, he will have this shirt for the next 40 years. Then the vintage pattern will be REALLY vintage!!

Today the weather-people predicted anywhere from 2" to 16" of snow for our area. Ya think they were covering their bases? We ended up with about 1". Hubby decided last night that he was just going to stay home today and get some much needed rest. Guess what that means? Picture time!!! One roll of the eyes when I suggested it, and then he was stripping for me and  ready to put on his new shirt.


I did not do the greatest job in matching all of the plaids. Some places it works and others, not so much!



For this photo he started wiggling his hips to show just how pleased he was with the whole thing.
I told him he better not do that as nothing is sacred on the blog. He just smiled and kept his wiggling up and I snapped the photo. Touché


  1. LOVE it! the pictures are fantastic (and the wiggling hips was funny!) The sleeve patches are so great (I absolutely love when shirts have that). YAY!

  2. Nice job, Lisa. I really looks great on Wiggles, I mean your husband. Glad you hung in there -- it was worth it!

  3. Your post made me smile, what with all the wiggling and the happy ending. When would be best for you?


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