March 24, 2011

Late For a Date and Can't Think of Blog Title

I have been noticing quite a bit of lovely vintage baking and cooking dishes on blogs lately, which made me think, "where the heck are these?"  I have about 6 pieces of this Anchor Hocking bake ware which I picked up at a tag sale 2 years ago. I have not seen them since our move. I know I would NEVER have thrown them away, so I must still have them. But where? They would look so lovely in my pantry. I will go looking today. Keep your fingers crossed that they survived the move.

At the same estate sale I also purchased this set of Prolon Melmac dinnerware they have been for sale on Etsy for a very long time. Maybe it is the huge cost to ship them or maybe it is that they are ugly, although I kind of fancy them, but they have not sold. Hubby hates them!! They were an impulse purchase. Haven't we been discussing impulse purchases lately? As a server in a restaurant, well I will not announce on the internet what that means, but maybe you can guess. This can be a problem when it comes to Sat mornings in the Spring, Summer and Fall, because with a few dollars in my pocket and a newspaper filled with tag is dangerous for my savings account.
Onward and upward.

There is so much going on here out in the midst of nowhere. You will all be pleased as punch to know that I have FINALLY finished my MPB sew-a-long men's shirt. I know, I know, this gal really knows how to drag a sewing project out. I have a few small fixes and of course then I have to drag hubby into a modeling session of which he will say time after time, "Do I really have to do this? followed by, "Not tonight", followed by, "Do people really want to see this?" Okay you get the idea. Getting hubby into it will be like trying to pull out an impacted tooth with your bare hands.

But then, but will become his favorite shirt. I have no doubt about it. So hang in there friends and maybe, just maybe I can tie him down this weekend for a showing of it.

I am off this morning to go help Sir Braveheart's sweetheart with some wedding planning. I am so excited about their wedding and proud of how they handle everything in their lives. I am bringing some cupcakes, although I fear too many days have passed and they will not be quite as fresh as when I baked them, but they will get the idea. In the saddest news for today, after baking the cupcakes the other day, something happened to the knob on my stove and it no longer works. I don't really know it is the knob, but we are going to have to retire this baby after 50 or more years of use. I am so sad.

I have been looking for another vintage oven, and have actually found a really nice one, but the price tag is rather high for an item that has not been refurbished and holds no warranty. Hubby and I will think about it. What do you think? How much would you pay? Okay, I am late for a date and must go.

P.S. Before I go I need to give thanks to a certain someone for a very lovely gift I received in the mail yesterday. It is lovely beyond lovely and I can't wait to show it off to all of you in another post, along with how I am going to use it. Stay tuned folks.

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  1. What is it about 'vintage' items that we all just 'melt' everytime we see them? I never thought of myself as a vintage person but I am becoming more and more that way - am I reminicing about the past? Looking for something stable in this tumultuous world? Or just like old things? Whatever it is - I am truly leaning toward all things vintage.


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