March 9, 2011

Lest You Think

I am spending all of my time watching cartoons. You are wrong! I have been up to a couple of productive things of late besides bailing our cellar out of water.

I have cut out the fabric for the MPB sew-a-long. Are you confused and thinking I have already completed my shirt? Remember it was just the muslin, although a very wearable muslin. I still have the actual shirt to sew. I was so touched when hubby came down the stairs the other night on our way to Brian's house and was wearing the muslin. He is going to LOVE the actual shirt. I have a feeling he will never purchase another RTW shirt in his life.

But before I get to that look at my Miss Dalai who is off to my left as I write this post, snoring away. If only I could have a moment of this kind of relaxation, I'm sure my life would be complete.

The fabric laid out and ready to cut. 
 All of my sewing tools set and ready.
and then this!
Play time all over the tissue pattern.

Can I help Mommy? Oy!
 It is amazing I got this shirt cut out without totally ruining the pattern. But I did. I have the tailors tacks in and just need to get the feeling to sew. I have been somewhat distracted with my new job but I hope to start sewing just in time for spring weather and summer and the finished shirt heading right into the closet till next year.


  1. Sassy, looks as if your day has gone to the dogs!! I thought only cats sat on anything you had laid out on the floor...i.e., newspapers, magazines, SEWING PATTERNS!

  2. OMG what little cuties, causing a ruckus!

  3. LOL, I have had SO many of those moments! In the worst case, that plaid would make a very beautiful rug!

  4. and they look so darn Innocent ! Love the shirt you did, and the new fabric for this will be fabulous, unfortunately I haven't been able to do one stinking thing on mine...arrgh. How's your son and Chase ? Your daughter ? Spring break coming ?
    Although, I haven't been to busy blogging my posts I've kept up with you. Also, I want to thank you for such a beautiful compliment you left for me. You are an Amazing woman and I admire you. Plus, you're so darn funny !
    Love and Thanks L,

  5. ((((Elise))) you are just adorable yourself! and I admire YOU. Kids are all well.


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