March 10, 2011

Sweet Dreams

I just love our new home and especially a couple of the rooms. My bedroom is one of them (ha). All of the furniture in the bedroom came with the home. I did some research and it was made in the 1920's and is bird's eye maple veneer. It is the first time as an adult that I have actually had a bedroom set. I love sleeping in this bed which has metal springs instead of a box spring mattress. When we moved in, all the beds still had very vintage mattresses which were probably 50-70 years old.

My dresser with 1920's Ivory Pyralin vanity set inscribed with
Mr. Rooney's (the previous owner)  mothers initials.
The tall dresser which is hubby's with beveled mirror.
Both of the dogs take turns sleeping in the little dog bed.
Battenburg Lace curtains.
I can't wait to open the windows and see them flutter in the breeze.

 This is hubby's nightstand. The milk glass lamps came with the house too.
The stuffed animal Gizmo was given to him by a prior girlfriend 25 years ago and has traveled 
ALL over the world with him. It is his favorite traveling companion.

That is hubby's mom in the photo. 
 She passed away when he was a teenager and he just loves this photo of her.
 And peeking out from that photo is this one of Hubby when we first started dating 22 years ago.
My nightstand.
My mom gave me both the hairpin, hairpin pillow and all the vintage perfume bottles. I love them!!


  1. Gorgeous bed and lovely room !
    But,L! I didn't know you were married to Fabio !

    ;) x Elise

  2. Gorgeous. How lucky to get the house AND the furniture. If only it had come with dolls....

  3. It came with loads and loads of old wooden handled tools, a treadle...and the mother's sewing box..but alas no dolls. The previous owner lived here for 50 years and never no dolls.

  4. So pretty ... so peaceful... enjoy!

  5. Very pretty! But perfume tablets? Do you eat them?!

  6. Lovely. Truly. And I chuckled at seeing the photo of "Hubby" … because yesterday, while looking for a specific photo, I came upon a photo of "The Boy" from some 30+ years ago. :)

    And I think to myself … well … after all, a vintage lover should have a vintage lover.


  7. Love that comment Rose...yes he is my vintage lover...maybe I should start referring to him as that here on the blog. That should make him and my children thrilled!!!!


I appreciate each and every one of your comments. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me.


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