April 7, 2011

'Hubby' Builder Extraordinaire

I spoke yesterday of hubby being a Traveler Extraordinaire. Today let me share a couple of the reasons why he is Builder Extraordinaire. Over the years he has built many homes but was never very good at taking photos of them, but now with the internet, a couple of his recent building projects are on line and available for viewing. So I will share.

Although I cannot actually share on my website some of the photos, I can share a flikr photostream.


This home is available for rentals and is almost 20,000 square feet. 

The home below was finished just last year. It has a spectacular view and a new pool and pool house which are not in the photos. It can be seen in the recently published book called Nice House.

He spends his days lately working on another couple of homes. Most of the homes are uber modern, which is starting to grow on him. His dream home looks more like this...a New England barn...and we have one. Five or so years ago, he totally dismantled a 1780's chestnut frame barn. I lays in waiting to be created into our home. We have the perfect spot on our new property to place it...now we just need the time and money to make his dream come true.

What could be better?


  1. Wow, the houses he has built are amazing. I feel like I would come across them in a magazine (I love house magazines!) But of course, I like the New England Barn best :) Hope you get it made soon.

  2. I love it! One day I'll live in a place this cool... one day...


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