April 8, 2011

Happy Birthday My Love~Hubby

Many pictures I have of hubby include some sort of animal. This was a pet squirrel named "Squeaky".
Our little girl Tashi after she had just come home from the groomer. 
RIP little girl.

Dogs, dogs, dogs
About to give Sir Braveheart a hug before he heads off to boot camp.
22 years ago as he is about to set off on his round the world trip for 7 months.
This is the only family photo we have of all of us. 
It was taken just before Sir Braveheart headed off to Afghanistan
 On a hike with the kids when they were little.
Slip and slide circa 1989
 On vacation in Michigan 2003
 Working as a handler with the infamous Veedor the Andean Condor
Scott worked with Veedor for about 10 years. Doing presentations many weekends throughout the year and traveling 3 times with him across the country.
Cheering on a  UCONN win this past fall.
Uconn vs WV on the field 002
We love to dance together. Here's to many more dances.

Happy Birthday my beautiful, loving, compassionate, sports crazed, animal loving, traveling man.


  1. Happy Birthday, Uncle Scott! What a great family you have and how come you haven't changed in 22 years. Something strange is going on....

  2. Happy Birthday to your hubby! What a nice tribute - love the photos :)

  3. Happy Birthday to him! Certainly seems like he's been enjoying a wonderful life so far. Wishes of many more years of happiness to you both!

  4. Happy Birthday to you, Scott! May your day be filled with sunshine, warmth, love and much happiness!

    Stephanie and Frank

  5. The joy your family exudes in photos (and videos!) is inspiring. Happy Bday to Scott and may all of you continue to revel in each others' affection.


  6. Thank you everyone. I will pass on the good wishes. I don't believe this dear man of mine has ever read one word from this blog. I guess noisy is not a trait of his. If it was him writing a blog I would stalk it every day...like a few other peoples I stalk.

    Michael...Videos??? Did you find my youtube videos? I love my family, of that there is no question.


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