April 10, 2011

Something Grand is Winking At Me

I know many of my ardent readers are wondering what has happened to the Rose Print Dress. Is its only lot in life to hang nicely in my blog banner? And after being gifted with such a wonderful fabric why isn't she moving faster on it? Truth be told, it has been a rather challenging week for me. My Daddy, who I love to the moon and back, is going through a rough patch with his health and it has taken much of my energy away for things other than sending him healing thoughts and love. I just can't seem to concentrate on sewing in this moment in time. All is well, I just need a little time to adjust to life and all of its promises.

I am a spiritual person, a real believer in something grander than any of our imaginations can create. I love how science is beginning to capture a small bit of what this grand thing is. Whatever It is, I am connected to it, as I am to you. In my belief system, we are all One. Each of us being the best One we can be, given our life and circumstances. I honor all and all that is.

You may have perused my other website based on the concept of Spiritual Surrender and have a hint of who I am from that stand point. Or maybe you only know me as Sassy Lassie. I am a crazy mixture of a human being, eh, aren't we all?

One of the greatest gifts my spiritual belief has given to me, is to ask questions and ask for answers from (clears throat) God. Some of you might find this strange, but when I ask a question and ask for an answer, I get one. Just like in the movies. A loud thundering voice comes out of the sky and tells me exactly what I should do or how to handle the situation. Just kidding, kind of.

No, a loud thundering voice does not come out of the sky, maybe someday, but instead things that I call 'signs' are whispered ever so lovingly in my ear or brought to my attention through the words from a friend of stranger, a song on the radio, it goes on and on and I am always open to hearing it.

I have written extensively on other sites about this so I won't bore you here, but suffice to say the God's have been whispering this week in regards to my Daddy.

The two biggest ways I get a message of peace from 'you know who' is through a certain song and the site of a certain bird. I could literally fill a book with amazing stories of how this works in my life. Subtle cues that maybe I am only aware of or maybe look for. It is a lovely dance between me and God, almost like lovers who wink across a room with a certain knowing.

The song is "Ohhh Child" by the Five Stairsteps....and in your wildest dreams you can't imagine the ways this song has come to me.  Sitting in a hot tub in a hotel (I fought going thinking of the nasties in the tub but my sister forced me). I had had a bad mammogram and was feeling scared waiting for results. There we were, alone in an icky hot tub in who knows where and some weird Muzak rendition of the song starts playing over the speakers. We both started to cry!

Just before my son started his tour in Iraq, I wanted to show a fellow worker a photo of him. I picked the picture out of my pocket and in that very moment the song came over a radio nearby. On the day we brought a beloved dog to the vets for the last time, it came over the radio 3 times in a couple of hours.There are probably 50-60 times it has happened, always when I am scared. Here's a link to a day last year.

With all that has been going on with my Daddy, another sign has been ever present this week. (and as I wrote this paragraph this morning the phone rang and it was my Mommy telling me that after I got off the phone with her yesterday, I was a bit weepy, she walked into her living room and a certain bird was standing outside her french doors). Ahhhhh

This certain bird is the ever glorious cardinal. Again too many stories to post in a simple blog. It needs a book. I went with my mom and dad last week to his doctors and we were in an examination room and then another room for some treatment. I left to find the ladies room and noticed his doctor sitting in his office, there was only one picture on the walls of this mans office. A cardinal. The next morning I went out to walk the dogs and there was a loud crow in a tree cawing away and making a real racket. I looked up and spoke to him about all the nonsense he was jabbering about, and he flew to another tree and landed right next to, a cardinal. On Friday night while working, I walked to a table just as one of the  patrons stated, "I saw the reddest cardinal this morning". And now my mothers phone call this morning. Maybe this seems strange and grasping at straws for you, but to me is it a reminder, a wink, an all is well statement.

Have you ever experienced something like this? Do you have a secret language with Something Grand?

I could go on for more, but the phone keeps ringing and this post is never going to go live if I don't stop now. So I leave you with good thoughts and blessings from a lovely bird.

If you would like to read one more story...a so called wink.  Here it is http://isurrenderthis.blogspot.com/2007/11/angel-named-keturah.html



  1. I'll keep you and your Dad in my thoughts! My mom and I get signs all the time, so it definitely isn't strange to me.

  2. The signs of all the immense love and care in the universe are all around us, all the time, if we open our eyes and ears and hearts. Blessings to you and your family, you are in my prayers.


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