May 1, 2011

A Real Vintage Dinner

Last week Michael over at Pleasing My Palate wrote a blog post about managing quick meals and some of his favorite ideas to get dinner on the table lickety-split. I have not blogged in a week due to 'life' taking over more of my time than I had planned for...and I am still pressed for time, but don't want to completely lose by bloggiing mojo. So I thought I would do a post about a meal I made a couple of months ago when hubby said, "We have nothing in the house to eat for dinner."

When I hear those words, I am always up for the challenge and can usually come up with something quite tasty. I will admit I have had a couple of real losers over the past 23 years, but for the most part I can get something quite edible on the table most nights.  On that particular night I had a left over roasted chicken with plenty of meat still on the bones, some really good cheddar cheese, fresh spinach and Bisquick. Now before you go screaming about packaged foods not being vintage....
At least I did not use SPAM!!
Salad dressing prepared in a vintage Good Season Container that came with our house.

I made a rue with butter and flour and then added some fresh chicken stock, mushrooms and plenty of fresh thyme. Added the shredded chicken and then topped it off with biscuits with cheddar cheese.
And there you have it dinner in a flash. It took about a half hour to make and then another half hour to bake. Not bad though for dinner on the fly with 'nothing to eat in the house'.


  1. All of that looks wonderful! Aren't vintage cokbooks just the best?

  2. Um, can I come have dinner at your house?! Looks way better than anything I made while living away from home last week...I eventually gave up on canned soup and just got takeout!
    By the way, my library has a pass that admits two adults to the MFA for $5 apiece...don't know if that would get us into the Scaasi exhibit as well, but still! We need to go soon! I vote first week of June (it ends June 19th.)

  3. Sounds and looks mouthwatering good.

  4. A friend who recently found your Web site told me about it – and neat it is! I did, however, find it disappointing and offending when I read the negative comment about SPAM. SPAM has been enjoyed by many millions of people since 1937. Like many foods enjoyed by the masses, SPAM is not a diet food but it can be and is enjoyed in moderation by millions of people. According to an item about SPAM on Wikipedia, on average 3.8 cans of SPAM are consumed every second in the U.S.A., and the SPAM Web site notes that the 7 BILLIONETH can of SPAM was produced in 2007. For all of my 60 years I have loved SPAM [of which there are now many varieties] and millions of people obviously agree with me! 7 BILLION cans of SPAM could not have been produced and sold, unless a lot of people liked it. Hormel's SPAM Web site is fun and has lots of recipes – there's even a SPAM fan club! Hip, hip, hooray!
    - from JackTF


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