May 24, 2011

It's a Bridal Lucheon

Since beginning this blog, this is the longest I have gone without blogging. How I have missed connecting with all of my friends here, but I have been very busy. I have been painting and wallpapering, cleaning and cooking, working of course and also helping take care of my dad as he goes through chemotherapy.

This past Sunday I hosted a small luncheon for my soon to be daughter-in-law, Queen of Braveheart. It was just the occasion to finally finish all the little details in the house that I have wanted to get done but have put off. Pictures hung, curtains bought and hung, and trying to make our ugly bathroom look better....things like that. I am also making the dessert for the wedding. Cake, cupcakes and cookies, so there has been lots of baking. It would have been nice to blog about it all, but I have just not had the added time to get it on the computer. But today I will try and catch you up!

The spring trees have bloomed at our new home and cheered me with their gorgeous color.
The smell coming from the lilacs is intoxicating.
 Gorgeous Magnolia Tree
 Breakfast in bed on mothers day..thanks hubby.
On to the luncheon......Pabu and Dalai waiting for the guests to arrive. Well, Pabu is, Dalai is lounging. Out the window you can see one of the two pink crabapple trees that are at the entrance to our driveway.
Lilacs from our backyard.
Pouring Champagne
 Fresh Sweet Pea and Basil Soup. It was very delicious.


Cake. I made two cakes. One Chocolate with Chocolate Mousse filling and a layer of raspberry AND a Lemon Pound Cake with Lemon Curd and a layer of raspberry. I gave everyone a slice of both and then let Queen of Braveheart pick which one she wanted for her wedding cake. She thought the lemon one was nice and summery...and so it is.
I invited hubby at the last moment and he changed into his favorite outfit. Did I tell you he would wear this shirt to death? God bless him, as all the girls chatted it up after lunch and Queen of Braveheart opened gifts, he washed and put away all the dishes and cleaned up completely. He is such a keeper.

We had a lovely, lovely day and are really looking forward to the wedding in one month. 

And thanks for all the thoughts you sent to my Dad, he is doing great, he had a rough go with the chemo, but is slowly turning the corner and doing much better all the way around. He is one special Dad and I look forward to a dance with him at the wedding.


  1. Great to hear from you again, Sassy! I can smell those lilacs just looking at them: what sumptuous photography and that FOOD. In my dreams we eat at a table set that way!

    Glad you hear your Dad is doing better!

  2. Ditto everything Peter wrote - I couldn't have have said it better myself. And one more YUM! for posterity. :-)

  3. How delicate and truly lovely. Everything looks perfect, and your dress goes with the color scheme! I bet you knew that 'tho, ;) ! Gosh, even the weather was ideal. I've said before,and I'll say it again;you certainly don't look old enough for a son that is getting married. That day will be as elegant as the soiree you hosted. Elegant.
    Love to you,and yours,
    Elise xo
    Postscript: Wonderful photo of you and your husband.


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