July 23, 2011

No Not Today

Okay guys and gals....there are few people that hate the cold weather more than I do. During the winter I dream of heat, hot sticky heat. BUT this, not so much...it is just way too oppressive for me to do much of anything in. Throw a hot flash or two in and I am cooked. So as much as I thought I might do some sewing yesterday, it did not happen, especially after I noticed that Pabu and Dalai just could not stay cool.

Out came the sissors for Mr. Pabu. Clip, clip, clip, clip, clip, until there was this pile of hair
(Shitzu's have hair rather than fur).
I gave him a few minutes to rest and when he tried to escape I caught him in the
hallway and out came the shears.
Then one more escape and he went to his favorite chair. Sorry Pabu, there is no escaping from me.
A bath, a comb out, another bath slathered in conditioner, more comb out and TA DA!!! He felt so much better once it was all done and I know he felt much cooler.

My dear girl Dalai has never had a haircut. She has amazing hair that is so close to human hair, that it just never mats. It is very strange. Water just pools off of it. She got two dips in some nice cool water and a comb out and a fan. Finally by 2:00 they were sleeping on the bed with a fan blowing on them and they had finally stopped panting. Poor little babies. Because of their short nose, Shitzu's do not tolerate heat well.

The Rose Print dress is hanging right in front of me and I just keep staring at it and shaking my head, "No, not today".


  1. We had Smudge shaved and it is so funny, the other cats don't recognize him and they hiss and spit and run away. I used to think cats were smart.

  2. Heh Heh.. She's gonna be nice and cool now!

  3. my yorkie/shih tzu does the same thing! you give her a break and she darts around the house leaving a trail of hair everywhere she goes!


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