July 22, 2011

What, No Ruby Slippers?

Well, you should have seen the looks and heard the comments when I walked into work last night in my 1940's getup. It was immediate. All the guys in the kitchen just looked at me like I was from outer space, but they got it right away. One said, "Where's Toto and your ruby slippers" and another (a young wipper snapper whose mother is a famous actress) came right up with the proper era and exclaimed, "That's a 1940's dress". I'm not sure if the Mexican dishwasher got any of it, but he thought I looked, "Bonito"  Good job boys!!!! I then had to explain....bla bla bla blog and Sassy Lassie and my alter persona. Cool! They thought it was Cool!

How about this HEAT!!!  I can't even think about how hot it is going to be at the restaurant tonight! I better start drinking water and hydrating ASAP and STAT!!

I did take the Rose Print dress out of the closet and look forward to a tall glass of lemonade and hand sewing the hem and arms today. Belt tomorrow and cutting out the jacket. I sure do hope I can find the fabric. I know it is somewhere with my denim that I purchased for the MPB Jeans Sew a Long. I'm thinking THAT project will be good for the fall.

And what does a gal do when she can't do much of anything else. Peruse e-bay for sewing patterns that she does not need. Who says I don't need them? I only have a hundred or so waiting to be sewn. Why not add a few more to the mix. Maybe it will get me into my sewing mojo again.

 I just love this one or is it the the drawing that I adore?
And "Simple to Make" that is always a plus!!
 The next two are newer patterns that I just love.
This girl loves a wrap dress with ruffles!
And look at the versitality of this pattern, I could make a playsuit, jumpsuit, Maxi-dress,
halter-palazzo pants or a short dress. It is a perfect pattern for my body-type too.

I am also bidding on a lot of over 15 patterns. SHHHHHHHHHHH don't tell you know who!

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