July 15, 2011

Skip to my Lou, my darling

 I could not think of a blog post title and this song came into my head...I thought I would put it in all of your heads too. Now onto the post with no real name.

It's Monday ..oops, now it is Tuesday, I mean Friday. I promised myself I would get back to blogging this week, but each day I put if off because I have nothing to say. My mind is in a fog. With my job, I don't get to sleep most night until 1:30 or 2:00am (This is very late for me)...and it leaves me weary in the morning (when I used to write my posts) and not much up for sewing, knitting or much of anything. I have also had terrible allergy's which have caused havoc in my sinuses. Headache day upon sunny gorgeous summer day. I have not been up for much of anything. I also had a nasty case of poison ivy. Yup, it has been just tons of fun here in Sassy Lassie Land.

Last Sunday, my mom's 79th birthday, I did put on one of my summer frocks and went to my sisters to celebrate. Pabu looks like he has had too much celebration!
If I can keep this headache away and start feeling better, I hope to be full of piss and vinegar next week and do some sewing. I just have to finish my Rose Print dress before the summer is over.

Love and hugs to all!!!

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