September 3, 2011

Family time is the best time of the year.

Last week I finally saw Sir Braveheart and Queen of Braveheart for the first time since their marriage. Miss Moll Doll was home for a day or two and we were able to get together as a family. With all of our busy lives, this happens very infrequently, much to my dismay.

But I got all my Sassy on and made some good down home food and we shared lots of laughs.

The weather had a wonderful hint of fall in the air and I felt more ready to cook and bake, than I had in ages.

Many years ago a good friend of mine gave me her recipe for stuffed shells and it has become a family favorite. I still use her handwritten recipe every time I make it.


 Sauce Cooking
Filling ready
And what I love most is that it makes a lot.
Enough for me to freeze some for Hubby on the nights I am working and not home.
For dessert I made both Blueberry Peach Crisp
And Pumpkin Raisin Bars
Look how the sun streams in through my kitchen window as I wash the dishes.
The other day I went searching for a birthday present for Miss Moll Doll and came away with these for ME!!
Hmmm I wonder if my kitchen is becoming too much! 
But it makes ME happy and that's all that really matters, right?
And of course there is always Pabu waiting anxiously for company to arrive.
In a quite moment I was able to give the wedding gift to the newlyweds.
happygolicky on Etsy

There never seems to be a dull moment around here lately, it is harvest time! In between all of this I started putting in a vegetable garden for next year. I can't wait to have a garden again and hope to plant a small orchard too. Our new property can have it all and it thrills me to no end!

Yesterday I went apple and peach picking. I had the camera ready and went to the most adorable place, but soon realized I had charged the battery on the camera and then left the shutter open and the camera battery was dead again. I picked 20 pounds of peaches and a 1/2 bushel of apples. I will go back again soon so stay tuned for a blog post about "Love Apple Farm".

Have a great labor day weekend!


  1. What a beautiful kitchen you have, Sassy! I love those glasses, btw. My Mom used to make stuffed shells just like that when we were kids!

  2. Love those glasses and your kitchen!

  3. Hi Miss Sassy Lassie! Glad to see that your kitchen is looking so fabulous! I wish I could have dinner at your house, everything looks yummy!


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