August 29, 2011

School Daze

With school starting this week I was thinking about what lunch box I should get this school year. This one caught my eye. What do you think? Maybe it should say "The Magic of Sassy Lassie"!! I fondly remember getting a new lunch pail, new shoes and some outfits. I went to Catholic School for first through third grade and wore a uniform so no school clothes to speak of.

I live in The Berkshires, which come summer, is vacation central for many, many people. About this time, I am ready for them to all go home and settle down into a slower paced life. I am exhausted from smiling!!! "Would you like well water or bottled sparkling water?". "May I get you a cocktail or perhaps some wine?" "No there are no substitutions on the Prix Fixe Dinner". "Sweetbreads are the thymus gland of a calf." "I'm so sorry but we are out of that $38.00 bottle of wine but this $160.00 bottle would be perfect with your meal. Shall I bring it up from the wine cellar?"

The truth is I love most of the customers and if I have any fault it is that I talk too much with them. I can never help adding my two cents to THEIR conversation. Last night a table was talking about their vasectomy. Many times it about their recent colonoscopy or endoscopy and it won't be long before heated political talk will be starting up. Thank goodness I can run into the kitchen and swear, I mean smile. Trust me I am not complaining. It is just nice to let off steam once in awhile. I am happy to have a really great job that I can walk across the street to. I could not ask for more....well maybe a few million dollars so I would not have to work would be nice.

Many people close by have lost electricity from Hurricane Irene. I am one of the lucky ones that never lost it at all. Both my parents and my sister and her family are without electricity. For my sister, with teenagers starting school this week, it is not the easiest time to be without electricity. You know how teenagers can be about looking perfect for the first day of school.

Did you look forward to going back to school each year? What are your memories. Did you always know who your teacher was going to be? Or did you have to wait for the first day to find out? Were you ever split up from your very best friend?

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