September 20, 2011

Who Loves Buttons?

When I began sewing again last year, I started looking for old zippers, rick rack and of course buttons. Do you love buttons as much as I do? Have you ever tried to create an outfit based on some buttons in your stash? Yesterday I made a feeble attempt to clean up my sewing area so I could start on the palazzo pants today. I got side tracked, which is easy for me to do and started looking at all of my buttons and daydreaming of ways to use them.
 Look at these beauties. 
Huge flowers in a grey tone.
This would be Purrrfect!!
 Nice wooden toggles.
Maybe this?

I really love these glass buttons. The shape is so fantastic.

I need help with how to use these.
 I  only have one of the following. I will have to figure something special to do with them.
 These buttons looked like they had a kind of film on them. For some reason, I licked one to see if the film would go away. It was very salty. Does anyone know what these might be made of?
 I also can't wait to make this dress and use a really special button.

I have so many buttons, bags and bags of them. I need to find some really wonderful way to use them. Any ideas? Do you have a favorite garment that has awesome buttons?


  1. I have tons of buttons too, from estate sales and garage sales. I rarely use them, I just like to take them out and look at them every now and then :)

  2. :::drool::::

    I've been known to add a button to a button-less garment, just so that I can use one of my fabulous vintage finds. Yes, I do believe I'm a certified button freak. And like Pam, sometimes I just take them out & look at them.

    I mean, hey...they're really small & take up no space, they're virtually care-free, and besides being pretty, they're actually useful! What more could you ask from a collectible?

  3. I laughed really hard at the last dress pattern. I'm just imagining someone unbuttoning the top to breastfeed a baby, lol!

  4. I love buttons too -- I remember my Grandma had a metal tin full of them, and the cousins and I would play with them when we visited. Grandma's buttons also had magical properties ... you could rub one on a wart, then hide it, and the wart would eventually disappear! Well, we believed it at the time ... maybe that is what made it work. Anyhow, I still love buttons, but I've found it hard to plan a project around the buttons, no matter how fabulous. Maybe it's an acquirable skill, though!

  5. When are you going to make that chic Butterick swing coat? I want to see it!


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