October 10, 2011

Kitchen Curtains

Good day blogger friend. Today is day two of my Kitchy Kitchen Dream Makeover, or how to turn a rather ho hum old kitchen into a strawberry lovers dream. Exactly one year ago today, I purchased a vintage hand embroidered tablecloth on Ebay for a mere $8.00. When I saw it, I just could not believe my eyes as to how perfect it would be for the kitchen I was about to create. I had already purchased and received the wallpaper, which dare I say cost me only $2.99 per single roll and I used 7 rolls. I knew right away that I was going to transform this tablecloth into valences.
 These were lovingly hand embroidered by someone. 
I wish I could tell her how much I enjoy and love her work.

To make these, I just cut the tablecloth in half and used the larger piece of embroidery for the bigger window. I zig zag stitched the cut edge and then turned it over with enough room to put a curtain rod through and stitched again.


If you would like to do something like this for your kitchen here is what's available on Ebay today


  1. Love your kitchen!!! I did something similar with my bedroom curtains, but not nearly so nice. Is your wallpaper still available? I didn't like mine when I moved in thirteen years ago and it is STILL there. Did I mention that I have a problem with making decisions?

  2. Wowsers! I ADORE that strawberry paper! I've been trying to convince the hubs that vintage rose wallpaper will be great in our kitchen, but he isn't buying it. Your kitchen is a dream and an inspiration.

  3. Hello,

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  4. Hi Lisa,

    Your kitchen looks adorable. I love the clock you made too, but for some reason, Blogger was not letting me comment on that post.

    We are deep in the throes of last-week-before-opening, and hope that you and your daughter are still planning on coming to the show. We are excited about the prospect of finally meeting you in person....



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