November 6, 2011

October in Vermont

 One week after the Snowtober storm and my brother-in-law is still without electricity and Hubby has been home all week because the home he is building is without electricity as well. Hubby has been on the go for years on end with hardly a moment to relax and it has been wonderful to see him rest for an entire week. As I sit and write this post he is sound asleep on the couch at 11:30 in the morning. It is doing his body SO much good to rest this much. Sometimes you just need to go with the flow and mother nature does the bidding for us. I know many, many have suffered loss during this storm, but for us (we did not loose electricity) it has been a nice respite from the go, go, go world.

Here are some photos of our Vermont vacation and some yard sale finds.

 Hubby recently brought this home to me. It was his mothers.  He knew no one in the family would cherish it like I would. It is so fantastic and so 1960's. I fit everything into it perfectly.
On the way to our get-a-way we saw the unbelievable damage that happened from Hurricane Irene. 
It was everywhere!

 Hubby wanted to get the low down from a 'local' and went to ask the man in the hot dog stand about the flooding...."I'll be back in just a minute", he said to me. 45 minutes later he came back. Hubby LOVES to talk with people.
Yin and Yang dogs
Family Photo
Hubby and Mr. Pabu kyaking!

While in Vermont the girls loaded into a car and went thrifting and to one yard sale. My radar must have been on, for all the years I have gone to yard sales I have never come across sewing patterns, but this day was different. For a moment I thought I had hit the sewing pattern lottery, but most of them were yuck. At 10 cents a piece it could have been a regular bonanza!!! These are the few I picked out.
"Dress to mach mink lining" Winter 1978



This outfit to me is just sooooooo Mrs. Brady! I want to make a Christmas outfit with this pattern and come sweeping down the stairs and nestle my toes in a shag carpet.

I am going to look for fabric for this jumper this week.

Teenage boys playing with yo-yo's and wearing polka dot pajamas? What planet is this from!!

I am still doing lots of knitting, but I think you may just see a little sewing in the near future. Till then.......


  1. I STILL have a yo yo and puppets galore! I think the Vogue pattern is pre-1978. It looks very 1969, though I could be wrong. Did you check the number on Cementarian?

  2. Peter, you were right and very close to the year: Vintage Sewing Patterns

    Vogue 7138; 1960s; One-Piece Dress. Semi-fitted A-line dress with standing neckline has pockets in side front pleats. Sleeveless, short or full-length sleeves.

    Featured in Vogue Patterns Counter Catalog December 1967

    I have a feeling the women who's pattern this was, was a seamstress and was making it for a Mrs. Rice in Weston, Vermont.


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