November 3, 2011

I Won't Bore You

With all the reasons I have not been sewing, blogging or doing much of anything. Well maybe I will bore you with just a few. During the month of October, hubby and I went on a much needed get-a-way to Vermont. We were with family and had a really wonderful time.

My Dad has been dealing with cancer the past 8 months and I have been helping my mom. Here is a recent photo of the two of us taken by my sister while we were at the radiologists office.  He is doing really well right now. I love my daddy!
I have also been knitting up a small storm but because all of the things I have knit are gifts, I can't post them here and ruin the surprise. 

While away in Vermont, I tried to access my facebook account (first wrong move) and could not remember my password. After a few attempts the beings of facebook decided I was a hacker and blocked me out of my account which then led to me not being able to get on to Flickr (where I keep most of my pictures for the blog) because...well just because. Then I got frustrated and just stopped blogging.

This past week we got the BIG SNOWTOBER storm. YIKES! Almost 20" of snow on October. On the night of the storm I had planned on being in NYC to see Peter and Michael in Noah's Very Unusual Insight. On the day of the storm I made the much dreaded decision that it was just too dangerous to make the trek. It was the right decision. Most all of Connecticut got hammered. Most everyone in my family lost power and some are still without it 5 days later. We had a few guests spend the night and have dinner with us and time has just gotten away from me.

I really do want to sew. I just don't know why I keep making excuses and never getting around to it. I have a funny feeling it is that fear of failure thing. I will overcome it though and get my arse in gear. 

I have plenty of patterns, fabric and accoutrement's to make any number of things...time will tell.

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  1. Hi, I am sorry to hear about your Dad. Family is very important. I am sure you will get back into sewing, and blogging when the time is right. take care :-)


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