December 11, 2011

May I Introduce Mr. Ed Shmidt and his Model A

I never get to see hubby lately. With our completely different work schedules and my overnights and visits with my parents, it is hard to find any us time. So, this week I asked him out for a Sunday morning breakfast date. We live in a really amazing part of the world. We can be 'out in the wild' in minutes and into a 'city/actually large town' in a few more. Lee, Lenox, Stockbridge, Tyringham and the truly wonderful Great Barrington are just 15-30 minutes away. One of my customers at the restaurant told me about a lovely drive on a dirt road above the valley of Tyringham and I decided to surprise hubby with a drive and then breakfast. He loved it and we had a magical morning.

Up on the top of the mountain we found a house for sale...these are the light fixtures at the entrance to one of the driveways. The photo does not do them justice. They were kind of sparkly...


The stone work along the whole road, in all directions was astounding.



I did not know where we were going to eat and as we drove into Lee we parked and looked around. We settled on The Starving Artist Creperie and were completely delighted with our meal and the fact that it is a working artist gallery with the restaurant portion housing exhibits of art by adults on the Autism Spectrum. Miss Moll Doll is a teacher for pre-schoolers on the Autism the whole idea of this gallery was dear to me.

As we left the restaurant I noticed across the street was a kind of thrift store called the Upstairs Basement. Uh..hubby? Follow me please.

As we walked across the street, the gentleman below pulled up in his 1929 Ford Model A car. While I was busy scouring the store, hubby struck up a conversation with Mr. Ed. Schmidt, who when I walked over to join them looked at me and said, "Would you like a drive?".  "In your car?" "You bet"...and off we went. What a gas!!!!! It was just so special to be puttering around the beautiful town of Lee, Mass in this old car driven by the cutest man this side of the Mississippi. We found out he had lived for a time in the town I grew up in and the one person he knew was someone I wrote about here and he had Shih Tzu's..


As we drove around he would randomly honk the horn. Giggle.

Above the running board. I loved the way it says ~Ford~
Back Tail Light
The trunk holder.
The Engine!

It was a magical date...and you know what? It did not go unnoticed by us. Thank you to all who made it so special.

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