December 11, 2011

Somedays I just can't think of a blog post title

and today is one of them. Fa la la la la.

My creative brain is in overdrive. Too much I want to do but not enough time or energy to get it all accomplished. My dad has had his ups and downs this past week and I am doing my best to support my parents through this. They live well over an hour from my house and it takes the whole day to go visit with them so I can't do it everyday, although, if there were more hours in the day, I would.

The one thing I can do while visiting them, is to knit, so that has been the best outlet for my creativity of late. Here is a pile of things I have knit. Not saying what they are right now, as they are all presents for Christmas.

I also made this wreath out of vintage glass ornaments. Hubby says 'tacky'. I say 'love it'.


DSCF3249DSCF3248Somehow I have also managed to make quite a bit of  Scottish Shortbread using this lovely mold. I am making Lavender and Lemon. So tender and flaky.

The one thing that can really cheer my dad up these days are dogs (small children would do it too). I brought mine the other day and they jumped on his bed and started licking his face. He was sound asleep at the time, but woke up with a smile and a giggle.

Pabu then went and ran around the house like a madman and ended up on one of their coaches.
 All tuckered out Mr. Pabu takes a nap.
and a different pillow for another nap
Stay tuned this week for the most amazing find, found at my parents house. They have had it for over 30 years and I just discovered it the other has to do with vintage clothing.


  1. Sorry to hear your Dad isn't feeling well! I am sure you and Mr. Pabu were able to cheer him up. How cute is Mr. Pabu???? And I can't wait to see what you found! xooxox

    p.s. fabulous knitting and shortbread??? yummmmmmmy!

  2. Tacky? That wreath is fabulous! I LOVE that color combination. Hope you're Dad is doing better soon.


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