March 26, 2012

Derby Time

I don't have that much to blog about lately. Getting ready for my dad's service on Saturday and all that it entails. We want to make it as special as he was.

But Miss Moll Doll on the other hand has lots going on. She played in her second derby match this past Saturday against the girls from Boston.. Miss Moll Doll is a jammer (they score). She has a star on her helmet to signify this position. I still don't really understand the game and I also can't wait to see her play in person. Her derby name is "Bea Nimble", because she is quick and can really jump.

 Here is a video that the opposing team made after the game

Recently Missy wrote on Facebook that "I want to look like this ALL THE TIME. Inspiration!"

Do you know any patterns that might give this look?

That's all for now.

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