April 4, 2012

Yes, I am still here/Upcoming Giveaway

Wow, what an experience the past months have been. I would not trade one minute of it and am so happy I was able to care for my dad in such a special way. I love you always and forever 'Chief Two Moon'.

I was more than honored to give the eulogy at my dad's service. Here I am with my niece Alanna. I interspersed the song "Kiss To Build a Dream On" by Louis Armstrong into the eulogy, Alanna sang it. She is an amazing singer and as I closed the eulogy, she whistled the same song. It was beautiful. I wish it had been recorded.

It was such a wonderful weekend. No words to express the outpouring of love for the amazing man I call dad. My brother Tim flew back once again from Japan with his wife Marie, my nephew flew in from Amsterdam where he is studying abroad and another nephew flew in from North Carolina. It was a grand reunion of our whole family. Here are my brothers and sisters and mom. I am holding my dad's favorite cocktail. A Manhattan 'straight up'. Too bad only the cherry is left. :)
Tomorrows post will be about an upcoming "Giveaway" featuring amazing software that I used to create a 125 page digital scrapbook of my dad's life. Stay tuned!!!

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