April 17, 2012

Woops...Fell Off the Saddle

Eghads!!! There is a blog I follow named Sewing is Hard and I am feeling it right now. Last Monday I washed and dried my fabric and even cut it out using my new rotary cutter and self healing mat. I am going to have to get used to using it as my back took extreme displeasure in bending over on the floor to cut.

I am going to hint to hubby that I would be ever so pleased if he would make me a table that could fold down against the wall when it is not in use. I know he will give me twenty reasons why it is a dumb idea, but I can see it already and if I need to I will build it myself.

So I have been procrastinating BIG TIME. Whatever I can do to not sew, I have done. My house is clean, my computer and all of its folders are in amazing shape for the first time EVER. I even spent four hours yesterday digging a garden. All of that so I would not sew? Crazy right?

Well today I told myself that even if it is only for an hour, I would sew. This morning I procrastinated more. Did three loads of laundry and hung them all out to dry. Washed and actually blew dry (out) my hair. I never do this! Hmmm what more can I find to do? Iron? Yup! Got that done.

Now it is almost 2:00 and I have not sewn. BUT...I did sit down at the machine and it all became perfectly clear why I have been procrastinating. The last time I sewed, which was almost a year ago, I thought I would clean the machine. I have no clue about machines and how they work, so this was not a good idea. But I always read about sewing bloggers who know EVERYTHING about numerous machines. Could I become one of them? Not likely.

Well the problem was that I took the thing that holds the bobbin out and took the slide plate off and I could not get either one of them back properly. I had totally forgotten that I had done this and there was a problem with the machine. The problem being I had no idea how to get it back to working condition.

But hark, I hear an angel in my ear. IT wasn't an angel? Oh! Well I heard something or thought something or something, something and I was able to get it back working.

So now I have no excuse...no pictures for this post either...but I am going to sew.


  1. Get yourself a lauan door. I got mine for $4 at a used salvage shop. They are lightweight plywood, hollow in middle. Get some batting by the yard wider and longer than top of door (maybe an old blanket) and staple around door nice and tight(hubby will need to help) cover again with white sheeting and staple nice and tight. Now you have a sewing/cutting/pressing table for all your needs. Set up on two sawhorses and you are good to go. You don't need to make a folding table. (I set mine up on two inexpensive cabinets that are 34" high- perfect height for me...and I store all my supplies in cabinets underneath table. I've moved it several times-very light weight.) Mary

  2. What you've described is, in my mind, all part of the creative process. With all the tidying and cleaning, you've let in the space for creativity to flow. --- even cleaning and oiling the machine is part of the process!

    1. Thanks Shelley...such encouragement...that's why I LOVE to sew!!

  3. Sometimes I just sit and stitch seams on scrap fabric, just to experience the fun of sewing. Doing it for a few minutes may warm you up to sewing. One small step at a time!

  4. Sometimes the starting is the hardest part of sewing. I love the potential of a new project and sometimes I want to put off starting it. It may not work as well as I thought. Also, I think Shelley is right, you need to get all those distractions taken care of before you start in on your project. I am currently making a tailored jacket and have totally ignored cleaning. I am torn between spending time on the jacket and doing the things I should be doing to keep my life in some type of order.

  5. The IKEA Norden table is amazing! That's what I use. It has huge "wings" that fold out and give you tons of cutting space, and it folds up to less than a foot wide. I think it was around $100. We put wheels on it to make it easy to move in and out of the corner I store it in.


I appreciate each and every one of your comments. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me.


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