May 19, 2012

Spring Fever

Well it is a good thing I started with a muslin because I screwed up right off the bat. It amuses me to no end, as I was 'trying' to be so careful and diligent. What did I do? Totally missed a piece of the pattern when I cut it out. Woops!!! Where is piece #21? And of course it was the BIGGEST piece in the whole pattern. I did not have enough of my, 4 yards for $1.00, fabric left.

I guess the sewing angels were with me though because of all the pieces this one will be hidden. It also requires a long strip of fusible interfacing vertically down the side, so I just filled in the missing fabric with interfacing. We'll see if it works out. Ugh!

So far, so good.
I have been very busy lately trying to make up for a year of getting behind. 
The photo below is of an azalea in bloom on our property. It is humongous!!!
I have started a vegetable garden. 
I dug this all up myself. I still have lots more digging, but it is a start. 
I have planted lots of goodies in here.
 Lilacs. I just love spring.
 This is one of the entrances to our house. We never use it and it was a hot mess of weeds. It looked ugly. I dug it all up and am starting to put perennials in. I love an old fashion garden (who knew) and have foxglove, delphinium and lupine in so far.
 The start of an herb garden.
 Which is on the right side of the door to our garage.
 Hubby loves sweets. Pies, cookies, name it. I am going to try and make a different pie for him each week. I used a cookbook from 1951 to make this 'Coconut Custard' pie.

It was a mighty tasty snack last night.
I have also done lots and lots of spring cleaning too. Do you spring clean? Well the day is slipping by. I am off to accomplish more. Enjoy the weekend.

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