May 26, 2012

Kitschy is, as Kitschy Goes

I have been busy this week making a kitschy dress for Memorial Day. To say it is over the top is a bit of an understatement. Red, White and Blue! Holy flag waving!  I found 2 yards of this novelty fabric on Ebay for $3.50. Not a bad deal, but most dresses need more than 2 yards, especially vintage patterns with circle skirts. I checked out my stash and there was this perfect red cloth and a small piece of this blue with very small checks. They were perfect. I found a vintage red metal zipper in my stash and all the buttons. I couldn't lose when it only was costing a few dollars, even if it is ugly as hell.
I am revisiting this pattern. It was the FIRST dress I ever sewed and quite cute. 
This time I made the bolero as well. As I said, holy red, white and blue.

Memorial Day always was one of my favorite holidays due to the wonderful small town parade that it held every year in the town I grew up. It is then followed by a 5 mile road race which most of my family have run in on numerous occasions. My 56 year old brother is planning on running it this year 'barefoot' and hubby's uncle who came home this week from spending the last year walking across America is also planning on running it. Here are links to other years. Memorial Day became even more special to me when Sir Braveheart joined the military and was deployed twice. I stand tall when he walks in the parade usually with tears streaming down my face. This year Sir Braveheart will not be marching in the parade, but Miss Molldoll is coming home for the weekend and that puts a big smile on my face.

Anyway, get a load of this dress. Is it too much? Will I stand out like Martha Stewart in prison? 

 Have a safe and happy weekend. Look up images of the Earth from space on Monday and I think you will see this dress somewhere in North America.  


  1. It looks adorable, Sassy. Happy Memorial Day!

  2. I love it - its not too much at all. I hope you had a lovely Memorial Day.

  3. Lisa, your dress is darling!! You will look like a proud American! You have the perfect figure for this pattern. Cute, cute, cute...........

  4. Love the whole outfit, especially with the bolero added. It has a very vintage hometown girl look to the whole thing.

  5. Your dress is fabulous Sassy Lassie! Wear it with pride!

    And your story about the homecoming was hilarious, I could imagine your mortification.....


I appreciate each and every one of your comments. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me.


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