June 17, 2012

Thread/Filet Crochet Anyone?

Good job yesterday. Two of you came up with the correct answer to the mystery utensil. It IS a soap suds saver/maker. If I had 1000 guesses I never would have guessed it correctly.

Now onto my other find from the yard sale. I picked up all of these linens and crocheted items for $3.00.

 I think a nice 60's empire waist dress would look lovely with this trim around the waistband.

Two days after the yard sale I went back. It is next door to where I now work and they had a whole bunch of stuff marked "FREE". I found a bag of crochet tools which were probably used to create most of the above items and there are a few mystery items here.

Below are what appear to be circular knitting needles, however the inside loop is also stiff. Any ideas?

 These 'needles' are around 8 to 10 inches long. They appear to be homemade. Any ideas about these?
 These are long steel 'things'. all the same dimension. pointed on one end and blunt on the other.
 This is a size 14 crochet hook. You just can not imagine how small the hook is.

 This is the last mystery item. Any ideas?

I guess I will have to learn how to 'thread crochet'. Have any of you ever tried it? I am a pretty good knitter, but lack experience with crochet.


  1. I think that the curved needles are for upholstery, buttoning on chairs etc.

  2. The last mystery item looks like a punch needle.

  3. Lovely finds.
    The last item looks a lot like a crochet de lunevile (I'm not sure it's called that way in english). It's for embroidery., like seen here :http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xces8o_sal-petite-fleur-au-crochet-de-lune_creation
    I can't really asses its size from the pictures. Crochets de lunévile's needles are quite fine and the handle is usually wood.


I appreciate each and every one of your comments. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me.


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