September 11, 2012

Smart Knitting

Who could resist a perfectly good 60 year old booklet titled "Smart Knitting? Especially, when in your head, you say it something like this, "Smhart Knitting" and then inhale a fake cigarette and trip over a tree trunk. All the while, searching the yard sale for some other reason to not purchase this item and then have to blog about it. Oh dear me, here I go again. Meanwhile a perfectly flaming man wearing a fur collar and sandals who's running the show (yard sale) and who noticed you inhaling the fake cigarette, slides over to you and whispers in your ear, "darling, it's only a dollar" entices you further. Like I said, "Who could resist?

Cover Kinttiing Booklet
Okay, I am feeling a little fresh today and  wonder if this is why Mr. fur collar and sandals had this in the first place. Maybe I will give him the benefit of the doubt and say it was his Great Aunt Hilda's knitting magazine.
Megaphone Man

Do you think Mr. Megaphone is teaching these two how to be Jr. Gay birds?
Okay enough fun already.
Looks like some real brotherly love.
Giddy-Up there Herman
Poor Walter, he always was a little wide in the waddle. Sorry mom, the snowman sweater does nothing to distract from the large hips. Nice try though. We'll give you an A for effort!!!

Walters little brother Winthrop.
And their Wild and Crazy sister Willamina
Frankly I would not knit any of these. How about you? There might be one or two that I could knit. I'll show you those at another time. For now I am off to work. See you soon.


  1. In Dodge, wearing a hand-knit Western outfit is asking for trouble.

  2. I got completely stuck on finding many uses for the Gay Birds made of METALLOID STRIPS!


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