September 6, 2012

Zelma's PJ Patterns

This past Saturday I went to an estate sale. They were selling the contents of an entire home and I knew as I stepped into it that I was going to like it.  After talking with the family I found out it was the contents of the home of a woman named Zelma who lived to be 95 years young. God bless her. She was born in 1905 and was a real hands on gal. When I walked into the home my eyes first laid eyes on yarn and fabric and cookbooks. I did not take any of that home, instead decided to go for jammies. Lots and lots of jammies. I want to make each and every one of these one day for my grandchildren. They were 10 cents each. How could I not take them home. More on Zelma another day.

Okay this is a Romper
Is this the sweetest illustration?
I think I already had this one...polka dot yoyo boy and puppet boy
Weird Nose Illustration
Paging Dr. Jones

Precious. MollDoll?
Love this one!!!!!!!!!
. What more do you want from a gal?

Which one is your favorite? Do you think you can have too many? Maybe I should start sewing them now? 


  1. What a great collection. Did Zelma sew anything other than pjs? I like the McCall's "girl's two piece" pattern. I love going to estate sales and seeing what a sewer has collected over a lifetime. Have fun with the collection. (You really do need to do some sewing!)

  2. Very cute, I especially like the one B4136 shorts PJs. I have been thinking of making PJs lately so it is nice to see your collection.


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