June 4, 2010

Help With Hat Selection

I have been spending more time than I should looking for the perfect hat to begin my Carmen Miranda inspired outfit. I am going to find the hat first and build the outfit around it. I feel it will be easier to find fabric to go with a hat rather than a hat to go with whatever I finally choose.

Although from the wrong era, this video inspired me.

I might not be able to resist this one. Church Hat in Gold and Ruffles

But I keep coming back to this particular hat. I love the color and the ruffles feel like they could really go with an amazing outfit. I know it is not as splashy as the other one, but this one feels more like I could wear it. I could also add some flowers to this one to make it more Carmen Mirandaish.

And then this one. I only have one day to figure this out as these are hats up for auction and I would need to bid. Tell me which one!!!!!! What do you think?  I need your input!!!!! Help this gal out.

1 comment:

  1. I like the ruffly one and agree that it could go with a great outfit. If all else fails put some fruit on a straw hat and wear it. Or a straw hat with an incredibly bright big scarf tied in a bow with draping ends around it.


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