June 5, 2010

My moms amazing handiwork

I wanted to take this day to show off some of my moms handiwork. She gave me my love and knack for creativity. When I was little she showed me how to needlepoint and helped me learn to hand sew. She was always very patient with me and would take me to this little shop in the upstairs of a nearby home to purchase a project suited just for me. I don't believe any of my handiwork from this period of my life still exists, but hers sure does and I wanted to show it to you.

These are the dining room chairs in her home. Each one is slightly different. There are two birds with different borders and then two armchairs each in a different color. She did these in the early 80's and they still look as beautiful as the day she finished them. She LOVES Asian inspired antiques and has filled her home with them.

Each one is dated and bares her initials PP.

And some pillows.

And then there is this piano bench which clearly screams the 1970's.


  1. Wow! Those are all beautiful! I wouldn't dare sit on a needlepoint chair that nice --it's too good for sitting on.

  2. We have sat on these chairs for many a memorable meal. As I was photographing them I asked my mother how she cleans them and she said a damp cloth with a tad of soap does the trick. I love these chairs!

  3. Mom will LOVE that you have highlighted her here..We need to try and find all of the Christmas stockings too! Although I think Rudy ate one of ours! She is one talented girl..I guess the apple doesn't fall from the tree..The knitting with a needle tree, that is! OX

  4. Those are beautiful! Mom did a wonderful job.


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