August 16, 2010

Another Birthday?

You bet. Today is my daughter, Miss Moll Doll's, 29th birthday. She is the best daughter I could imagine.

Funny, creative, and filled with love. She takes the word "sassy" and gives it new meaning.
Here she is on her first birthday, which we spent on vacation in Cape Cod.
When she was little, all she would wear were dresses. I still have many of them.

All grown up, an amazing writer for hobby and teacher to children on the autism spectrum by day.
A million-zillion kisses would never be enough to tell her how much she is loved by her mom.
Happy Birthday Molly


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  2. Hi Sassy Lassie,

    SONY has told me that they have no further plans on releasing subsequent seasons of HAZEL. See my blog at:

    or GO TO and scroll down to this past Saturday's post.

    Could you help me in rallying fans to let SONY know we want the rest of the episodes on DVD ASAP?


  3. :(((( Jim this does not make me happy at all. Can you give me the e-mail address you got a response from? I will send off an e-mail and see if I can get more people to.

  4. Happy Birthday to Miss Molly! The second photo actually looks like Molly holding a baby, although I know it's you holding her!! She is as beautiful as her mom.


  5. Happy birthday to your daughter! She really looks like you. I also really like her ink.


  6. Gosh, It's amazing where the years go. The great part is there is always something new and lovely to find "just around the corner".
    She's Lovely. Just love the picture of the braids, she looks absolutely fascinated.
    Happy Birthday.


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