August 17, 2010

Can You Imagine? The Nerve.

I am getting ready for a tag sale this weekend. We have so much "stuff" and now with acquiring a house full of MORE stuff, I need to rid myself of some of it. Spent this morning going through boxes in our attic. Some of which I have not seen in almost 6 years or more. Fun!!!

Before tackling this job, I made blueberry pancakes for hubby with blueberries from the nine blueberry bushes on our new property. The birds have taken most of them this year, but next year...holy, moly...BLUEBERRIES!!!!! As we sat and watched the hummingbirds in our garden, I mentioned to hubby that I had put some "dresses" up on E-bay. His comment was, "Dresses you sewed?" and he was happy to think I had put some of them up on e-bay. The Nerve (with the accent of the Cowardly Lion). As much as I try, there are some things he just does not get. But I'll keep him anyway, as he is one of the best things to ever happen to me.

If you are in the market for a new vintage prom/homecoming dress and are a size 0 or -0, take a look and share with friends. Also just a few more days to enter to win the giveaway

 Blue Prom Dress

Scarlett O'Hara Homecoming Dress

Stunning Vintage Homecoming Dress

1950's Cocktail Dress

1960's Prom Dress


  1. Will there be anything of interest to me in this yard sale? I.E. sewing things?


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