August 15, 2010

More Treasures, More Treadle

I sit in front of my computer trying to type and fighting with Angel, who is directly in front of the monitor with legs splayed out making herself very comfortable. The keyboard is about to fall off the desk so her legs can fit, and she is looking at me rather smugly at the moment. Her head is at a point where it is hard for me to read the screen. Who else has computer hogging cats?

So here is a photo of the "Review/ New Royal" with the coffin lid up.

The left side of the cabinet.

Dusty Wheel

 Patent Date October 18,1881
I can't fine anything about this date.
Another date of July 12, 1881
 This may be for a thread  holder and cutter. Alice J. Winslow
Small snippet of the instruction manual

Cups and Saucers left in the house.
Anyone know what these might be?
There are no markings on them.
Very pretty.


  1. Don't you know that cats claim anything and everything as their own? Go try reading a newspaper on the floor (or the table for that matter) and see how long it takes the cat to sit right on top of it.

    Ooooh Lassie! Such pretty tea cups and saucers! It might be hard to find out what they are without a mark but hey, ya never know. The sewing machine is amazing! Have you tried it yet? I'm sure you probably need to oil it up a bit as I'm sure it hasn't been used in quite a while.

    It was so much fun chatting until 12:30 a.m. in an empty restaurant last night! I'm sure we'll have a chance to do it again soon.


  2. I love you Miss Steph. Fun..yes...always with you.


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