August 2, 2010

Going Camping

My daughter, Miss MollDoll, is helping to manage a teen camp this summer. She started out as a counselor a few years ago and has moved on up to a new position this summer. The camp is only a little over an hour away from where I live so I usually go visit her for a day or two each summer. It is fun. It takes place at a Girl Scout Camp, although the actual camp my daughter is involved with is not for Girl Scouts, it sure has the feel of it. Great cabins, get the idea.. The Girl Scouts use it earlier in the summer.

So I will be away for a couple of days from the blog. I sure do hope you continue to VOTE for me and send it along to your friends.

It is also my birthday week and I have a BIG birthday present that hubby is "buying" for me that I am going to tell you about at the end of the week.

I am also very close to that magic number of 100 Followers and the Great Giveaway.

What an exciting week it will be for me. I hope you'll join me for all the festivities.

Going to find a stick for my marshmallow,


  1. You look so groovy and cute in your strawberry fields dress.

    I wanted to let you know that I've got some pics up on my blog from the photo shoot of the retro-looking skirt I just made along with a quick and easy tutorial of how to make one in under 25 minutes with just leftover material and no pattern. Come by and see if you get a chance.

    Trudy of Sewing With Trudy


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