August 10, 2010

Treadle Dee, Treadle Dumb

Here is my new treadle sewing machine named "Review". I have searched the name and come up empty handed. There appears to be no branding on the machine. Upon further examination last night, I noticed that there is another name under the word "Review". It begins with an "N" and ends with and "AL". Sitting home here this morning, I am thinking it might have been called "National", however I think the first few letters are "New". Just above the letter "V" you can see that the script is high as in a new word or a letter such as "t" or "l" or "f". I don't like mysteries that I can't solve.

 The case, which is a "coffin case"  has seen brighter days. The veneer is in a shambles. The front side of the "coffin" is also marked "Review". I straight away broke the leather cord and will need to replace that. I am hoping to go and do a small bit of cleaning with soap and water today and possibly oil it. It seems to be working fine. It moves without much trouble using the hand wheel. I have not tried to treadle as yet.
 Threading the machine.

The bobbin, which I successfully took out and threaded again with the help of a YouTube video.
 There was a metal box FILLED with attachments and feet. I have no clue about any of them. 
Help me if you can.
I was thrilled to see that there are FIVE bobbins. 
This manual seems to have the closest resemblance to my box of goodies.
Is the twirly thing on the right top a hemmer?
Wheels and washers? Help!

On the left of this photo I think is a "tuck marker" then a "shirring plate" and on the right a "braider plate".
I have searched a small amount on the web and this PDF, this,  and this have helped lots. Anybody have any ideas about this machine? Have you ever treadled?


  1. Hi!

    You might also want to take a look at the Treadle On website, if you didn't run in to them in your googling. They promote the use of treadle machines.

  2. I have been to Treadle On, but having a real hard time navigating through it.

  3. Yep, that's a ruffler foot. I just got myself a Singer 66, 1926. You might try googling photos of treadle machines and see which singer it looks like and then find a manual on the singer site for that particular singer. The manual may have a list of the attachments and what they do. I'm looking at getting to use mine but it needs a little TLC first!

  4. Yes, it's a ruffler. Plus those rolled feet are hemmers in various widths. You're on the right track!

    There was a National brand treadle. Strange that it is printed over though.

  5. I have been enjoying reading your blog and can't wait to see photos of your new house. I have a 1930's singer treadle sewing machine that was my husband's grandmother's. I haven't sewn a whole garment on it yet, but have tested it out. It takes a certain knack with the foot work and talk about a thigh and buttock work out! I had an 87 year old neighbor lady come and show me how to use it, boy, could she really make it go! It made the machine all the more dear to me. The veneer was also coming off the top of my cabinet. I hope I didn't commit an atrocity, but I peeled the rest of the veneer off the top and put new stain and finish on the wood underneath. It looks lovely now. Good luck with your machine(I wish mine had all those attachments with it!)
    Amy F.

  6. Hi! I just came across your blog today, I've just bought myself a vintage singer featherweight. I bought the attachments separately and didn't know what any of them were! I have a 6 or 7 digit number engraved onto each attachment usually quite close to where you would attach it to the sewing machine. I then googled the number with the brand of attachment which was simanco and found out what they all were. From what I can make out, you have a ruffler, multislotted binder & a cording foot. Hope that helps!

  7. Looks like a new home treadle. They made other store brands for them. Almost identical. They mostly have the three fingers centrally located on the top. The shuttle, plates, bobbin winder all look the same

  8. Looks like a new home treadle. They made other store brands for them. Almost identical. They mostly have the three fingers centrally located on the top. The shuttle, plates, bobbin winder all look the same

  9. So it originally would have said ' New Home' and then to sell it at a different store they covered it over with 'Review'?


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