December 29, 2010

A New Obsession

I am almost speechless. I guess somewhere in the depth of my being I know there is an interest, magazine, blog or secret club for just about ANYTHING under the sun. But the  degree of involvement and passion I recently viewed is new to me.

Let's start at the beginning or at least a few days ago when it all began on Christmas morn. My older sister is a librarian for one of the New York Public Library's. In her job she is privy to all sorts of periodicals and magazines that come across her desk. Sometime recently one of the patrons? (I think that is where she acquired these) dropped some magazines off at the library. When my sister saw them, she knew in an instant that I would enjoy them and took a couple to pass along to me. When I saw the covers, I immediately put them down knowing I wanted to relish these in a quiet moment sometime in the future. Quite frankly my jaw dropped upon seeing the images on the cover of the magazines. They were glossy, professional and can I say again, jaw dropping.

I could not imagine that an entire magazine of this quality could be devoted to the topic of Fashion Dolls. Barbie was always just Barbie to me. I never thought of her as a 'fashion doll' but now I see that is exactly what she was/is. She was no 'baby doll' that you bottle fed, burped and strapped into a small carriage. No, Barbie was ALL about fashion and that is why I loved her so much. As a small girl and young teen, I loved fashion. I used to buy Archie comic books just so I could see how Betty and Veronica were dressed. I used to love how they dressed in the 60's in headbands and bell bottoms. confused for a moment..yes that is me on the right in some 'flower power' pants and ringlets that took the beautician hours to create. I wanted to be a model more than anything when I was around this age. Ha!!!!! True!!!!

So I put my sassy fingers to the test on google and started researching 'Fashion Dolls'...maybe I wish I hadn't. I found dolls, and clothes and even patterns for them. How about this...even a miniature dress form.

 The magazine in question is no longer in publication. Haute Doll. What a great name!!!

Here is a Flickr group dedicated to it: The Unofficial Haute Doll Magazine Group or Fan Club

Gals and pals, I don't need another obsession. But I do feel a small one coming on and at the very least a real search for MY vintage 'fashion dolls'. Stay tuned to see if I can unearth them.


  1. WOW! lucky you with that magazine! I have always loved barbie!! are you gonna show some igames from inside the magazine?
    I also used to love Betty and Veronica.

  2. I would show an igame if I knew what one was. (smile) fill me in.


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